Longevity Risk

Most folks realize that people are living longer than ever. Actuaries understand this requires planning for a longer retirement.
If you are married and you and your spouse are both 65, there is almost a 3 out of 4 chance that one of you will live to age 85 and almost 1 out of 2 chance at least one will live to 90.
Society of Actuaries

Healthcare Risk

Healthcare is very expensive in retirement. If you live until you are 90, your healthcare costs will likely exceed $220,000.
Society of Actuaries

Long-Term Care Risk

Seven out of 10 retirees will need some sort of long term care. One year in a nursing home could cost about $90,000, and one year of home health care is about half of that.
Society of Actuaries

Unexpected Events

Financial shocks happen in retirement no differently than while working. The biggest difference, however, is that working income is no longer available. One in three retirees lose 25% of their assets due to financial shocks.
Society of Actuaries

Equity and Sequence of Return Risks

We all know the financial markets bear risk (Equity Risk). A subset of that risk is the possibility that your invested assets will decline substantively just as you retire. Just because the market falls, doesn’t mean you need less money. Votaire's "smoothing" method helps account for this.

Our Methodology: We don't use averages. We use real data that you provide.

  1. We first see how much money you have today and determine how much you will have in the future.
  2. We project your healthcare costs, your other expenses and your specific goals.
  3. Your “pot of money” is then spread out over the course of your lifetime to accommodate those known expenses and to give you the highest standard of living possible while maintaining a low risk of running out of money.
  4. We run Monte Carlo simulations to “stress-test” your retirement income under various inflation scenarios and longevity and sequence of returns outcomes.
This is just a start. Once we understand your personal risk factors and goals, we guide you to personalized strategies for how to address things like retiree healthcare, social security and planned giving.

Votaire balances your risks and goals to make your retirement predictable and worry-free.