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We provide solutions to guide employees on their health and financial wellness journey.

For Employers

Provide your employees with new benefit offerings at no cost and financial wellness that actually moves the needle.

For Employees

Get simple, personalized and discounted solutions so you can achieve your best financial life.

For Partners

Introduce your solutions to the people you want to reach. Employees place unique trust in their employers. Become a part of a unique employer-provided platform.

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Financial wellness built to change behavior.

Increase Benefit Utilization

Votaire Users are 60% more likely to take additional supplemental life benefits.

Expand Corporate Benefits

Votaire's suite of solutions empower you to provide expanded and personalized benefits to your employees at no additional cost or overhead.

Improve Health & Wealth Outcomes

Votaire combines health and financial wellness to move the needle on employee well-being.


By offering solutions along with incentives to use them, Votaire enables us to encourage positive change without imposing new costs. It’s a win-win for Reid and our employees.

Director of HR, Reid Hospital



Your path to financial wellness starts here.

Develop a Plan

Votaire's dynamic, holistic, and personalized platform empowers you to develop a plan to reach your financial goals.

Stay Accountable

Votaire's platform is built to help you stay on-track, and account aggregation ensures guidance is always up-to-date.

Connect to Solutions

Votaire helps you take the next step towards financial wellness by connecting you to new and discounted benefits.


As a recent graduate, student loans are the most pressing financial concern for me. Votaire addressed this and allowed me to easily refinance through the program. Once past that, Votaire made me think about my current financial situation and how to improve and maximize it for my future.

Votaire Participant



Introduce your solutions to a new audience through a trusted source.


Votaire users contribute 74% more to their 401(k) than their co-workers. Refer your target participants back to you for wealth management services.

Benefit Brokers

Votaire Users are 60% more likely to take additional supplemental life benefits. Educate your employees on the value of their benefits 24 / 7 / 365 and provide decision support during open enrollment.

Product Partners

Votaire connects employees to the solutions they need through a trusted source - their employer. Connect directly to your target market at exactly the right time.

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